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Five Minute Sermons for Low Masses on All Sundays

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These short sermons were commenced in St. Paul’s Church, New York, toward the close of the year 1876. The motive for doing this was that the great number of person who generally attend only a Low Mass on Sundays might enjoy the advantage of hearing the word of God preached, without being delayed too long for their convenience. For this reason they were limited in time to five minutes, while the effort was made to condense within this brief compass a sufficient amount of matter at once instructive and hortatory, in plain and simple language, to answer the practical purposes of a popular discourse. In order to secure this twofold object of making the sermons so short that they would not overrun the limit of five minutes, and at the same time so solid and pungent that they would furnish a real nutriment and stimulus to the minds and hearts of the audience, it was obviously necessary that they should be carefully written out. These sermons will be useful for the faithful who do not have the advantage of listening to a priest.

476 page book.

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