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The Coming of the Monster by Owen Francis Dudley

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A Tale of The Masterful Monk - Problems of Human Happiness V

From the Author's Note:

"This present volume is the fifth of a series dealing with problems of human happiness. The first, Will Men be like Gods?, is an answer to Humanitarianism; the second, The Shadow on the Earth, to the problem of evil; the third, The Masterful Monk, to the present attack on man's moral nature; the fourth, Pageant of Life, to the particular moral cowardice of the moment - a character study. The Coming of the Monster is, rather, a study of events. By sophisticates, cynics, and modernists, my interpretation of these events will be dismissed as too contemptibly simple. I am writing for such as have eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds unshacked by intelligentsia's chains. . .

May I mention, to forestall doubt, that the descriptions contained in these Interims are almost wholly from actual life."

275 pages, hardcover.

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