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The Power of the Holy Ghost

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By Rev. Francis J. Connell, C.Ss.R., S.T.D.

This pamphlet has 4 chapters:
The Sacrament of Spiritual Maturity, The Liturgy of Confirmation, The Sacrament of the Holy Ghost, Confirmation and Catholic Action; each chapter is followed by Questions to test if the lessons in that chapter have been learned.

From Chapter 4: "We have entitled this pamphlet The Power of the Holy Ghost, for that is the expression Christ Himself applied to the effect of the coming of the Holy Ghost on His Apostles (Acts i. 8), and it is the same Holy Spirit that Catholics receive in Confirmation to give them supernatural power in the form of light and strength. May all who read this pamphlet be inspired with a greater reverence for this sacrament".

31 pages, Imprimatur 1939.

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