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The Saints in Verse by Susan E. Horton

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From the Foreword:

"Reading verse, understanding verse, learning verse, and reciting verse always used to be an important part of any child's education, for a variety of good reasons: to read and understand it exercises the intelligence, to learn it exercises the memory and to recite it exercises the sense and mastery of the spoken tongue.

However, Catholic parents might complain that there is little verse in English which is both accessible to children and Catholic in Content. This little volume is the answer to their complaint. I hope it will serve many a home-schooling family, for instance, besides the satisfaction it may give to many a Catholic adult."

Saint Genevieve
Saint Bonaventure
Silent Night Chapel
Silent Night, Holy Night
Saint Peter
Saint Francis Xavier
Herman the Cripple
Saint Peter Claver
Saint Pius X
Saint Gregory the Great
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini
Saint Blaise
Saint Boniface
Saint Margaret of Scotland
Saint Padam
Saint Gerard Majella
Saint David

hardcover, 57 pages.

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