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Luther's Reform and the Modern Mass by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

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There is nothing more essential to the survival of the Catholic Church than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; to play it down is to threaten the very foundation of Christ's Church. The whole of Christian life, and the Priesthood, is founded upon the Cross, and upon the re-enactment of the Sacrifice of the Cross upon the altar.

It is impossible in psychological, pastoral and theological terms for Catholics to abandon a Liturgy which has always been the true expression and sustenance of their Faith, and to adopt in its place new rites conceived by heretics without exposing this Faith to the most serious peril. One cannot imitate Protestantism indefinitely without becoming Protestant. . . . THE NEW MASS IS A PROTESTANT CONCEPTION AND LEADS TO PROTESTANTISM, AND IT IS FOR THIS REASON THAT WE CANNOT CONCEIVE THE POSSIBILITY OF USING IT. . . .

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

softcover, 23 pages.

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