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The Consolations of Catholicism by Ralph L Woods

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An Anthology in Sixteen Parts - God; Christ; The Mystical Body; The Church; The Communion of Saints; Grace; Faith; The Mass; The Holy Eucharist; Confession; Prayer; Our Blessed Mother; Joy; Serenity; The Cross; Immortality.

Editor Ralph Woods explains that the purpose of this unusual treasury is to spell out:

   how and why the actual living out of Catholic beliefs gives one serenity and spiritual poise that nothing else can.

Woods, a noted Catholic anthologist of the 1940s and ‘50s, does this by collecting into one volume some of the most overlooked, yet uplifting writings from  saints and other inspired Catholic authors.

“Animating, sustaining...express the glory of God’s love as reflected in the teachings of holy men, those who have felt what the Psalmist meant when he said, ‘Taste and see what the Lord is sweet.’”—Ave Maria

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