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The Voice of Jesus Suffering to the Mind and Heart of Christians

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A Book on the Passion.

by a Passionist Missionary Priest

From the Preface: No doubt, the tender mystery of the passion should touch and move the heart of every devout Christian. This should not be neglected in a book of this kind, wherein we learn the infinite love of the eternal Father, through which He gave to us His most beloved Son, and wherein in characters of blood we read of the excessive charity of Jesus in suffering and dying upon a cross for our salvation.
But we are firmly convinced that true, solid, and lasting devotion should pass to the heart through the gate of the mind. It is through the light of the mind that the will of man has to be effectively moved to embrace any deserving object, and to cling to it with loving tenacity. This method has been followed in this work. How far we have succeeded, the devout and attentive reader will be able to judge.
We have divided this book into two parts. In the first part, instructions are given, teaching how to meditate. The second
part contains the subject-matter for meditation on the passion. In every Consideration, besides the respective history of the passion given in the words of our divine Master, there are always three Points, sometimes four. When the three are found too long for an ordinary meditation, the pious reader may confine himself to one or two according to his leisure and devotion. This book, however, will be found conveniently adapted for spiritual reading by every class of pious Christians. Living as we do in an age of materialism and infidelity, we have occasionally warned
our readers against these dangers.
In our style we have been in earnest, studying simplicity and clearness. We have written for the honor and glory of our crucified Saviour, whose humble disciple we profess to be; and for the spiritual welfare of souls, whose temporal and eternal happiness we sincerely desire. If we attain these two objects, we will consider ourselves amply rewarded for our humble labors.

Imprimatur 1799, 626 pp

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