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These Tales Are True as told by Fr. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.

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These Tales Are True as told by Fr. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.

Nineteen Stories That Really Happened

Truth is often stranger than fiction. This book is a collection of true tales, sometimes incredible, fantastic tales. Many of them highlight a principle of Catholic life in a way no mere explanation can achieve. All of these stories appeared first in a magazine from many years ago and are collected here in convenient form so that they can be easily enjoyed by the whole family. Some of the stories are based on incidents which involved the personal experience of the narrator, Father Daniel A. Lord, S.J. In other cases the tale was told to Father Lord and he retells it here in his own inimitable fashion. The fact that these tales are true, that they really did happen, must be emphasized. The lessons they point will help you to enrich Christian living.

98 Pages.

Printed with Ecclesiastical Approval January 30, 1947.

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