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Mother Love

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Original 1926 reprint without revisions
This inspiring prayer book, written by Rev. Pius Franciscus, contains a vast assortment of prayers, devotions, and instructions for Christian wives and mothers. Throughout the pages of Mother Love the prayers and instructions are aimed at aiding a mother to develop her mind and heart according to Christian principles so that she may more easily draw her family to Christ.


  • Familiar prayers and special devotions for Holy Mass, Communion and Confession
  • Prayers for the various special needs of a Christian mother
    • for a happy delivery
    • to the Guardian Angels of her children
    • to obtain a conversion for her child
    • for her sick children
    • and many more
  • Prayers and novenas to the special patrons of mothers and wives such as Saints Monica and Elizabeth
  • 175 pages of instructions for mothers on how to train their child throughout the stages of his/her life

Imprimatur - +Patrick Cardinal Hayes, D.D. - 1925, 684 pages, hardcover.

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