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Christian Father

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What He Should Be and What He Should Do
Together with a Collection of Prayers suitable to his condition

from the German of Rev. W. Cramer
translated by Rev. L.A. Lambert
Pastor of St. Mary's Church, Waterloo, N.Y.
Imprimatur: John Cardinal McCloskey.

   Rev. Cramer explains the high dignity, honor, and responsibility of the vocation of Fatherhood and the virtues necessary to fulfill this important vocation.
   Since God gave fathers the title He would have us call Him when He entrusted children to their care, the importance of the role of a father cannot be stressed enough. Fathers will understand the great obligation of their vocation which they will be asked to render an account of, and will turn to this book time and time again for important advice on raising children, heading their family, and  setting a good example.
   This book, considered timely at the turn of the century, is more necessary now to teach and guide fathers in their duties and obligations. The current lack of models of good Christian fathers and families may be overcome by the lessons which fathers will learn. This is much needed since the good examples that are learned by children watching and imitating their fathers are necessary all through life and unto eternity. This treasure for fathers will provide the direction the father needs to raise his children and the prayers he should daily raise to heaven to request graces for himself and his family.


  • The honor and dignity of fatherhood
  • The correct stewardship of the father
  • his children's welfare depends on him
  • His necessary qualifications
  • The nature of his vocation
  • The rewards of fatherhood— on what does his and his children's happiness depend?
  • Why the Christian mother alone is not sufficient
  • Actions that hinder the training of children
  • The importance of the father's example
  • Overcoming difficulties and dangers
  • Dangers against the faith
  • In what does a Christian life consist
  • The work of a Christian father
  • His education of his children
  • Discipline
    • What is proper
    • How to enforce it
    • Punishments
  • Supervision of children as they grow
  • When children leave home
  • Children's choice of a state in life
  • Mixed marriages
  • An account of a truly Christian father


  • At Holy Mass to obtain the graces necessary to fulfill his vocation.
  • For the most important situations and necessities of a father,
  • Prayers for his children
  • Prayers for confession
  • The Holy Way of the Cross for the benefit of his children
  • The Rosary of the Christian father
  • Many more!

5"x 7"Smyth-sewn signatures, 55 lb. cream paper, gold embossed hardcover, 207 pages with 24 illustrations.

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