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Father Francis X Lasance: Mass Devotions and Readings on the Mass

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This book endeavors, in the first part, by means of thirty-one readings and examples, to explain the doctrine of the Church on the Mass in a plain and interesting manner. The second or practical part offers a variety of devotions for Mass and for Holy Communion, so that the book may be more beneficial and useful to the masses. It discusses practical questions on the Mass from a dogmatic, moral, ascetic, historical, and liturgical point of view, as may be gleaned very readily from a cursory survey of the index. It was planned and compiled with a view to making it useful to inquiring Protestants, prospective converts, devout Catholics, and zealous religious. It aims to exhibit the jewels of the Mass to better advantage; to unfold its hidden treasures before the gaze of all classes; and to stimulate the faithful to a more earnest and constant endeavor to appropriate and apply to themselves its rich and abundant fruits for their temporal and eternal welfare.

Imprimatur, 1901, softcover, 704 pages.

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