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The True Spouse of Jesus Christ

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The Complete Ascetical  Works
of Saint Alphonsus de Ligouri,
Volume X & XI in One.

The True Spouse of Jesus Christ - or, The Nun Sanctified by the Virtues of Her State

By St. Alphonsus de Ligouri - Doctor of the Church
Edited by Rev. Eugene Grimm

    This work, as appears from the title, is intended particularly for Nuns. However, only a small portion of it is directed exclusively to them; the remainder, but especially what regards the observance of the vows of religion, regular discipline, and the perfection of the religious state, is equally suited to Religious of all denominations; and what regards the Christian virtues, will be found highly useful even for seculars.
    To each chapter is annexed prayers, replete with pious affections, knowing that such prayers are very acceptable to Religious who seek perfection. For, as St. Denis the Areopagite says, “Divine love consists in the affections of the heart more than in the knowledge of the understanding.” In human sciences, knowledge excites love; but in the science of saints, love produces knowledge. He that loves God most,  knows Him best. Besides, it is not lofty and fruitless conceptions, but works, that unite the soul to God, and make in rich merits before the Lord.

Imprimatur 1929. 737 pages.

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