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Gate of Heaven by Sister Catherine, M.I.C.M.

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Over fifty years have elapsed since "salvation" hit national and international headlines. The coverage was about the dogmatic teaching extra exxlesiam nulla salus - outside the Curch there is no salvation, a topic of contention in the Archdiocese of Boston. The spiritual director of a student center in Harvard Square, known as Saint Benedict Center, (the famous Father Leonard Feeney, S.J.) was called to task for making a profession of Faith by upholding the literal understanding of this doctrine.

Sister Catherine Clarke systematically refutes the accusations of the liberal theologians and hierarchy who sought to dismiss this important doctrine as outdated. From start to finish this polemic dissertation cannot be easily dismissed by those seeking the truth in regard to salvation. Sister presents her case with relentless clarity and in so doing overwhelmingly proves that ... this statement carries dogmatic weight and has been handed down from the Apostolic times, clearly taught by the Fathers of the early Church, reaffirmed in the Church's most ancient creeds and canons, defined infallibly by popes and councils, and fearlessly professed by saints and heroic martyrs.

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