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The Faith that Never Dies or The Priest of God in the Catholic Home

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How to Live an Ideal Christian Life as a True Follower of Christ. Comprising Instructions and Devotions in the Holy Catholic Faith with Glorious Lessons from the Light of the Cross. Prefaced with an address by Archbishop Feehan on the Catholic Education of Youth. The Whole written in simple language and beautifully illustrated for the instruction of The Catholic Child at Mother’s Knee, The Catholic Youth in the Steps of Jesus, and the Catholic Parent in Defense of the Faith. The present work has been specially designed as a cyclopaedia of household instruction in the doctrines and practice of religion for Catholic families. As such, it is presenting in a simple, charming, and beautiful form, suited to persons of every station - young and old.

From the pens of Monseigneur de Segur, Thomas A Kempis, Rev. Joseph Deharbe, S.J., and “A Monk of the Order of Saint Benedict”.

Imprimatur 1900, softcover, 594 pages.

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