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The Life of Our Life - Passiontide-Part 2 by Father Henry James Coleridge

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Father Coleridge’s combination of learnedness, profoundness and compelling readability provides thoughtful meditations on our Lord's Life. During the course of these volumes, he addresses questions we would want to ask, including many thousands that it would never have occurred to us to ask.

From the Author:

"I need not speak of the beauty of the account which St. John gives us of that part of the sacred history which has been left more or less entirely to him; the history, I mean, of the evening of Holy Thursday. It is here particularly that we owe to St. John a debt which can never be exaggerated, and I need make no apology for the comparative length at which I have felt obliged to treat his text, which indeed is brevity itself, when we remember that this account occupies more than a fourth part of his Gospel, and that the words here recorded were the last earthly conversation of our Lord with the Apostles. I have been obliged to break off after the beginning of the second part of this great discourse, as the most convenient point at which it can be divided; but I have finished a great part of the remainder, which ends, as my readers are aware, with what is in one sense the most wonderful part of the whole Gospel, the Prayer to the Eternal Father with which the history of the sayings and doings in the Cenacle concludes."

Softcover, 338 pages.

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