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Jesus All Good by Fr. Alexander Gallerani, S.J.

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by Fr. Alexander Gallerani, S.J. Impr, 1908. 254 pages, softcover book.

The object of this little treatise is to dispel a certain gloomy mist, darkening the minds of many, in regard to the Adorable Person of Our Blessed Lord. Many Christians, even devout and religious souls, are unable to conceive a filial and tender trust in Jesus. They are full of trembling reverence and fear, and stand in His Presence with hearts constrained and ill at ease. These lowly feelings are not to be altogether blamed; they are justly due to the Majesty of so great a Lord. But they are too often like any icy wind freezing the spirit of devotion. Would that this fear were accompanied by those sweeter feelings which dilate the heart! Would that as Christians have, generally speaking, for Our Lady, the confidence of children in their mother, they might also have for Jesus the confidence of children in their father!

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