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A Story of Blessed Imelda (Patroness of First Communicants) by Brother Ernest, C.S.C.

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Imelda was born in 1322. Even before she was five she desired to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. However at that time the Church ruled that a child had to be at least twelve to receive Jesus for the first time. She prayed hard and asked others to pray with her so that the rule would be changed. To be closer to God she joined the Dominican Sisters so that she could be closer to Jesus in the tabernacle. One day while she knelt in the chapel praying for her special intention one of the Sisters saw a Host come from the closed door of the tabernacle and by Itself came to the place where Imelda knelt. Reading this story can encourage us to follow in the footsteps of Blessed Imelda as we realize what a special gift we receive every time we receive Our Lord, Jesus in Holy Communion.

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