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Contemporary Godlessness - Its Origin and its Remedy

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by Rev. John S. Zybura.

This book, written 95 years ago, seems almost prophetic. “the very machines man is perfecting ... will escape his control; they will master him, they will crush him ... because he stubbornly refuses to learn the control ... by bringing his soul under the subjection of God (p.6).” “Downright hatred .. are in evidence whenever the things of God are mentioned (p9.) “ Chapters include: The New Era; Godlessness in Life and Thought; Church-less, Christ-less, Godless; Godless Education: A Warning to Parents; and others. Much attentive thought is necessary for grasping the fullness of the richness of analysis found in this book. But the readers who give this necessary attentive thought will be more than repaid by the wealth of their “find”.

Impr, 1924. 102 page book.

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