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Behind the Lodge Door by Paul A. Fisher

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From the Back Cover:

"Behind the Lodge Door is at once an in-depth and probing analysis of Masonic activity in four principal areas of influence, especially as they relate to the United States, but it is also an overview of the Masonic fraternity in general that will enlighten and inform the reader and make a perusal of this book most worthwhile. Those four areas are:
1)the religious education issue in the U.S.;
2) opposition to the Catholic Church;
3) the molding and directing of national political and social policy; and
4) how the Masons attract their members.

"But further, the author who documents thoroughly everything he writes touches upon a host of interesting topics, such as the birth and rise of Freemasonry, its roots in the ancient mystery religions and gnostic cults, the Catholic Church's early and traditional condemnation of the Craft, its scope and influence in American national social and political life, its opposition to the practice of religion, its activities in various other countries (Italy, Germany, France, Japan, China, the Philippines,etc.), its rapprochement with the Catholic Church (especially during the 1960s), how it is in a very real sense a religion of its own, how it is politically extra-national, and many others.

"This book shows how for over 150 years the political policy of the United States was marked by governmental cooperation with and encouragement of Christianity in the schools and in social and political life. However, the situation changed dramatically beginning in 1941 when the Supreme Court for the first time in its history became dominated by justices who were members of the Masonic fraternity. It was a dominance that continued for the next 30 years, and resulted in the imposition of an alien secular humanism on American education and upon the country's political life."

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