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The Story of the Church by Fr Johnson, Fr Hannan, Sr Dominica

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Her Founding, Mission and Progress. A Textbook in Church History.

by Rev. Fr. George Johnson, Ph.D., Rev. Fr. Jerome D. Hannan, Ph.D., J.C.D. & Sr. M. Dominica, O.S.U., Ph.D.

To know and to understand the Church is a sacred duty for every Catholic. The Church is not just an organization to which we belong; it is an organization of which we are a part. Loyalty to the Church is not merely one among many loyalties. It is the one great loyalty of our lives in which all other loyalties are rooted and from which all derive their life and strength. For the Church is Christ and in the Church we are united with Him and with one another as members of one Body. Hence, a burning love for the Church must always be an outstanding characteristic of a good Catholic.

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