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Twelve Timely Essays on Antichrist

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by Rev. Charles E. Coughlin

Twelve timely essays on catastrophic events that have proved detrimental to the Catholic Church and Christianity.

Rev. Coughlin writes in the foreword:

"In sending you this series of essays on Antichrist, it is with the hope they will confirm, not weaken your faith. . .

In founding the Church, it is my conviction that Christ did not plan to create a failure. On the contrary, with the manifold graces which He conferred upon both its officials and its common citizens, He definitely planned to so fortify popes, bishops, priests and laity that they would be able to accomplish the objectives which the Master had in mind. Among these objectives is the salvation of human souls which is obtainable through their victory over sin and Satan; a victory which will be followed by the resurrection from the dead and life everlasting with God in eternity.

Beyond all argument, catastrophic events have happened inside the Catholic Church which are obstructing millions of christians from attaining this goal. Certainly, our most generous Saviour is not responsible for this. Rather, those to whom He entrusted the fulfillment of His triple mission must accept the responsibility. It was they who failed to execute properly their three obligations: (a) of teaching. (b) of ruling. (c) of sanctifying the people.

The prelates, not the laity, must bear the major share for what has happened in the life of the Mystical Body of Christ. Though these elite personages are mere human beings burdened with the weaknesses of fallen human nature nevertheless, through His sacramental graces, God gave the powers both to resist and overcome their weaknesses as well as the cunning wiles and incomprehensible powers of the devil.

In no sense, do these essays supply a complete picture of the Antichrist. They are a charcoal sketch representing an octogenarian's truthful assessment of the christian world as he sees it."

Essays include:

  • One World-Union With or Without God
  • Vatican III Quickly Needed
  • War Is the Heavens
  • War on Earth
  • One Paraclete: One Total Victory
  • The Militiamen
  • The Mystical Body of Satan in Action
  • The Council of Foreign Relations (C.F.R.) versus the Kremlin
  • The Great Betrayal
  • The End of the World
  • Hope for Survival
  • Victory for the Paraclete

96 pages, paperback

(May have slight spotting, cover damage)

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