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The Life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary by Count de Montalembert

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Known as the patron saint of bakers, beggars, brides, charities, homeless people, hospitals, Sisters of Mercy, and widows, Saint Elizabeth devoted her life to charity and helping as many people as possible before passing at the age of 24. Married into riches, Saint Elizabeth used her royal position, touching people's lives and inspiring many during her short time on Earth, including founding a hospital and tending to the ill herself. This book is an extremely well-written biography about Saint Elizabeth and the trials and tribulations she faced growing up.

From the preface, “It is a work of such rare merit, in its kind, that wherever it goes it will be sure to make friends and admirers for itself, and requires not a word of commendation. There is a winning charm, a soft poetic halo around the whole narrative, that is in admirable keeping with the life and character of the charming princess whose brief mortal career it chronicles.”

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