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New Testament Studies

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by Rev. Mgr. Thomas J. Conaty, D.D.

Originally in the form of leaflets, this 258-page book is comprised of several separate studies which have been used in teaching. It is, as quoted, “a simple agency in the study of the New Testament narrative . . . it will meet the wish of the author, who, under the inspiration of the words of our Sovereign Pontiff, sends forth his work to the Catholic schools and homes of our land, trusting that God may bless it with success in the noble field of Catholic education.” In its introduction, it is written, “The Church needs strong defenders against the irreligion that prevails, and in the breaking up of the sects she must depend on her intelligent children to lead souls to the truth”. For those who would save and teach others the written word of God, this book would serve that purpose.

Imprimatur 1898; softcover 252 pages.

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