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Holy Communion - It is My Life! or, Strains of Love of the Fervent Soul Whose Happiness is Constituted by Holy Communion by Hubert Lebron

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From the Preface:
“The places where there is incessant struggling with fortune, glory, and so many devouring passions, these places are accursed regions, where nothing is heard but the noise of tempests, and the warnings of the storm.” This work is for “the Faithful who believe, and who make their faith their whole delight; ... (the words) will only be heard by pious souls, by souls that are tender and kind.” As a prelude to each chapter (which are not numbered) there is a text from Scripture and an extract from the best writers who have spoken of the Blessed Eucharist.” The words in this book go straight to the heart and a prolonged meditation seems to result without fail.

Imprimatur 1871. 315 pages, softcover.

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