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Father Hunolt's Sermons Vols. 9 & 10: The Christian’s Last End or Sermons on the Four Last Things - Death Judgment Hell and Heaven

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Set of Volumes 9 & 10:

The Christian’s Last End; Or, Sermons on the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Hell, and Heaven. In seventy-six Sermons adapted to all the Sundays and Holy-days of the Year. With a Full Index of all the Sermons, an Alphabetical Index of the Principal Subjects treated, and Copious Marginal Notes. Our minds are provoked in reading these sermons to look at the end result to live better lives that will leave us prepared for the last judgment.

Although delivered in the 1700s, every sermon of Father Francis Hunolt is just what Catholics, as well as others, are in great need of hearing today. They are interesting in the highest degree, and they arouse attention and keep it fixed without difficulty, so that there is a constant desire in the reader to know what is coming next. Let me quote from one of Father Hunolt's sermons: "To hear the word of God in sermons with a good and very good heart is a sure sign of predestination to heaven. They who hear the word of God in sermons with a good and very good heart have a certain mark, or predestination that they shall one day see God in heaven, and love Him in eternal joys. The holy Fathers and spiritual authors are unanimous on this point."

Originally printed in 1886. Imprimatur 1884.

Father Hunolt’s Sermons
Sermons by the Rev. Francis Hunolt. Translated from the original German edition of Cologne, 1740, by the Rev. J Allen, D.D.

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