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Sinner's Return to God - The Prodigal Son by Reverend Michael Muller

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A thousand examples might be offered to show that the reading of pious books is well calculated to lead sinners to a life of grace, and to encourage the just to walk steadily onward on the road to perfection. The tendency of pious reading to induce men of the world to change their ways and enter on the path of a holy life, may be seen from the conversion of St. Augustine.
The well-known story of the Prodigal Son is illustrated in this volume, and as its illustrations are but chapters in our own lives. it is hoped that their perusal will prove profitable to all who have abandoned their Father’s household, taken up their adobe in a strange and far-off land, squandered their heavenly inheritance, and instead of the Bread of Life find their only sustenance in the husks of swine.

581 pages, original copyright 1875

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