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Retreat Under the Guidance of St. John of the Cross by Mother Mary of the Blessed Sacrament

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A Retreat Under the Guidance of St. John of the Cross in Union with St Teresa of the Child Jesus and Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity.

by Mother Mary of the Blessed Sacrament.

There comes a point in our lives where we may seek to develop a deeper understanding of our bond with Christ, but we may not know where to begin. This book is for those whose thirsty souls are in need of serious spiritual quenching. From the preface, “This teaching is, without doubt, severe, but it promises us even in this life some foretaste of glory, if courageously sounded, holds out to us beauties that full satisfy our understanding, and joys that satiate, as much as can be here below, our will thirsting for love.” With this book, we may learn how to find God hidden in our own soul and experience His divine love for us. This book wants to help you seek peace and understanding within the world and yourself in order to get closer to God. Under the guidance of Saint John of the Cross, readers will feel their soul refreshed and renewed with ten days of meditations as well as supplementary meditations towards the back for those who cannot afford as much time.

Imprimatur 1930, soft cover, 312 pages..

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