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Striving After Perfection - originally written in Latin by Rev. Joseph Bayma, S.J.

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“The Spirit breatheth where it will,” and the Spirit of God moves souls to aspire after perfection by divers ways. One feels that he is called to higher contemplation; another to an active life. Yet it is one and the same Spirit that guides all and, by widely divergent ways, leads to one and the same end. Every one must resolutely go forward on the way by which the Spirit conducts him if he would please God and attain the perfection determined by Him. If he does not follow the path pointed out to him by the Holy Ghost, he will, with great danger to his soul, seek another more in accord with his own tastes and inclinations. Indeed, if you do not fervently strive for the perfection to which your state calls, clothing yourself in time of temptation with the buckler of penance, you have no security of perseverance in your calling.

Imprimatur 1898, softcover, 264 pages.

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