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Spiritual Perfection Through Charity by Fr. H. Reginald Buckler, O.P. Impr 1911.

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"Charity" as used in this treatise is taken in its large and true sense as the theological virtue, signifying the love of God above all things, overflowing in love for our neighbor. Moreover, it is taken also to signify God's love for us - in other words, the mutual love between the soul and God. So the love between God and His creatures proceeds upon the ordinary laws of friendship; that as creatures love one another, their love uniting them, so God loves us and desires our love in return. All this life of love is expressed in the one word CHARITY. Without this word, no one understands or judges rightly. The "Imitation" measures our advancement by our mortification; "the more thou dost violence to thyself, the greater progress wilt thou make." Our Lord said: "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself." The 20 pages in the chapter on Mortification alone make the book worthwhile, but there is much more.

Imprimatur 1911, 360 pp.

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