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From Doubt to Faith by Rev. F. Tournebize, S.J. Impr 1904.

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Restoration of faith starts with an explanation of how we need faith and how “without faith constant virtue and real happiness are impossible.” In time of sorrow, faith is the only solace and protection. Chapter 2: The reasons why we believe and also the obligation of believing. Hindrances to the Faith are next discussed and pride is at the top of the list, but those things conducive to the faith include mortification, humility, prayers, etc. Chapter 4 gives the causes of doubts and the remedy for doubts. Finally, Chapter 5 points out Faith is within the reach of every one. “Supernatural faith is, therefore, essentially requisite for salvation; on the other hand, no one attains to it by his own resources; over and above our good dispositions is required a particular help of God.” But a hundred times voiced in the Holy Scriptures is “He wills not the death of the sinner; but that he be converted.” In the perilous times we now live in, Faith is needed more than ever and this book lays out the steps to increase and maintain our Faith.

Imprimatur 1904, 89 page book.

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