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Words of Encouragement Notes of Instructions Delivered by Rev. Daniel Considine, S.J.

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Parts I, II, & III.

Notes of Instructions Delivered by Rev. Daniel Considine, S.J.

Selections made from various notes taken of Father Considine’s instructions and conferences, and from letters written by him. The practical and immediate needs of the individual, and an individual always earnest and honest, but often timid and puzzled, were the object of Father Considine’s solicitude; such individuals will find now in his written words what others found in them when they were first spoken - not only encouragement but also enlightenment. When these books first appeared in the 1930s there was a great appreciation shown throughout the whole English-speaking world and their translation into foreign languages, an eloquent testimony to the permanent power of the simple teaching of this holy priest in liberating from vain fears, stimulating to generosity, and leading to more direct union with God, those who put themselves humbly and simply under his guidance.

Softcover, 182 pages.

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