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The Valiant Woman: Conferences for Women by Monseigneur Landriot

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by Monseigneur Landriot (Archbishop of Rheims)

Conferences for Women

Long out of print, this rare jewel is destined to become the favored spiritual guide for Catholic wives and mothers. Msgr. Landriot gave these conferences over 100 years ago, but they are as relevant to us today. This book is a guide for women who want to achieve sanctity in the home. Reading this book is the best thing you could do for your husband and children, as well as for yourself. This book was published to help women to raise and keep their families Catholic.

The most valiant of all women is the Blessed Virgin Mary. The word valiant derives from the Latin verb “valere”, meaning ‘to be strong.’ True valiance is exhibited by courage in battle, which is the fruit of the cardinal virtue of fortitude. Although the habitual virtue of fortitude is most manifest under its higher aspect as a gift of the Holy Ghost — that is, when its possessor (guided by prudence and justice) is engaged in a confession of faith wherein the danger of death is imminent (as with the martyrs) — is also manifest in the daily trials of the soldier of Christ who conquers inordinate self-love with God’s grace.

This magnigicent book, written by Monseigneur Jean Francois Landriot, Bishop of Rheims, is an extended version of domestic oriented discourses each of which he delivered for sixteen consecutive months in the mid 1800’s to the married ladies of the Society of Charity. The eloquent prelate begins the addresses with a theme drawn from the final verses of the inspired similitudes of Solomon. Monseigneur Landriot then proceeds to expound upon the moral of the passage with a practical brilliance that could only have come from a confessor whose heart was well seasoned in discerning the particular characteristics and maternal predispositions of the feminine soul. Not one page fails to demonstrate what grace, what beauty, and what joy grace can bring forth in the life of a woman called to the vocation of Christian motherhood.

Softcover. 213 p.

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