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Courtesy Calls Again

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by Judith Fife Mead and Marian Therese Horvat.

What courtesy is - and how to establish it in the Catholic home

    Another book on etiquette? No, Courtesy Calls Again is much more than that.
    It presents the virtues essential to the practice of an authentic courtesy. It examines and debunks myths that have shaped our modern culture – the cowboy, the pioneer woman, the big boy, the spontaneous man and the natural man.
    It offers practical advice on how to establish courteous relationships in the home. How should a husband and wife treat each other and give correct example for their children? Why should a father treat his sons and daughters differently? What does a mother do to train her children well? How do parents avoid a child-centered home?
    The essential elements of sound Catholic relationships in the family unit are presented here. A new American home becomes possible – serious, hierarchical, harmonic, and joyful.
    Judith Fife Mead and Marian Therese Horvat present models and customs from the rich treasury of Catholic tradition – and challenge us to respond to the urgent call to courtesy. restoring
154 pages, paperback.


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