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The Absolute Essentials of Bringing Up Children

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Author:  Monsignor John Hagan

From The Cover

This brilliant and satisfying essay, which though short, is perfectly comprehensive, is republished because we believe that there is nothing else available which gives instructions to parents on how to ensure that their children are best prepared to lead happy and fulfiled lives as adults, to be of the maximum benefit to those with whom they come in contact, to contribute as fully as possible to the society in which they live and, most important of all, to achieve the position in eternity to which God calls them.

Only the Roman Catholic Church truly understands the world, the human being, and thus the child, although for some decades not even Catholic publications have stated in the uncompromising fashion found here the real nature of the child and the duties of parents which flow from this. Twentieth century upbringing of children has been dominated by the Freudian ethic, which perverts the fundamental reality of human nature, thereby creating burdens suffered by the parents, the children themselves, and those with whom they come in contact.

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