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My Way of Life

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by Fr. Walter Farrell & Fr. Martin Healy
630 pgs, Softcover

   This handy pocket-size compendium of Thomistic wisdom has been described as the layman's Summa Summae Theologicae ( a summary of summarized theology). With six-hundred pages of text it is more than that.

The Summa simplified for everyone. 

Saint Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica is one of the most influential and significant works in the history of the world, but because of its breadth and scope it is generally considered to be almost inaccessible to most readers. Until now. My Way of Life presents small, concise portions of the Summa in a manageable format, with topics including: the Oneness of God, the nature of Angels, Man's disposition to pursue happiness, the Incarnation, the Last Things, and more.

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