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Night Adoration in the Home by Rev. Mateo Crawley-Boevey

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This prayer booklet is designed to be read for one hour for special indulgences. Each family member may take an hour and recite the prayers or they may be prayed together as a family. The reading consists of areas where Jesus is talking to the souls, followed by areas where the Souls are speaking to Jesus. This is a beautiful reading that is very uplifting. Offer an hour each month for your own intention or for a loved one in need. You will feel closer to Our Lord as soon as you start to read this. Father Mateo’s powerful words of charity and love will make you feel as though Jesus is right next to you as you pray. This is a must have for any home wanting to be more spiritual.

Imprimatur 1944, softcover, 60 pages, 4”x6”.

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