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9938 Notecard: Christmas

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Notecard with attached bookmark.
Back of card: AXE TO THE ROOT In the old days you had no faults. Everyone else had lots. “So and so is so selfish,” “so uncharitable,” “so thoughtless.” The better you become, the more good you see in others. God did not think four thousand years too long a time in which to prepare the world for the coming of His Son. St. John the Baptist says, “The axe is put to the root”. Let us put the axe to the root of those faults which keep us from our Lord. It is not the reading of pious books, or the saying of long prayers, or science, or knowledge which introduces the Child Jesus into our hearts. It is the love, it is the longing for Him to be there, that brings Him. It is the real effort that it costs us to put the axe to the root. We know what He loves, we know what He dislikes. If you want Him, you must not be afraid to pay the price. Let us ask our Lord what faults we are to try to get rid of by way of preparation to receiving Him into our hearts.

Rev. Daniel Considine S.J.

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