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Come Rack! Come Rope!

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by Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson

Many a priest came and went under the cover of disguise. Families like the FitzHerberts heard Mass and received the Sacraments in secret. Concealed places were built to hide the priests from Her Majesty's thugs. Yet even the Apostles numbered one Judas! And so it was with the FitzHerberts. A traitor in the midst meant capture, torture, and certain death for the undercover priest. The backdrop of this real life drama is 16th century England under the terrible rule of Elizabeth I. There exists also a charming and holy love story between a young man and lady, but alas, God comes first! A priest for God, yes, that is the greater calling. As they part ways, each faces an uncertain future with the joy that comes with serving God alone. With the blood of Martyrs does the ship of our Holy Faith stay afloat; and Come Rack! Come Rope! proves a fitting reminder of how we must remain true to that Faith even when faced with torture and death.

A timeless classic you will read again and again!

Hardcover, 469 pages.

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