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Integrity 4 - Motherhood and Family

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This is a book for traditional Catholic parenting.

Gleaned from the same INTEGRITY magazine series from which three previous INTEGRITY volumes have been printed, the 16 chapters of Motherhood and Family can be summarized in the following cut lines. If any of these hit home, ladies, Motherhood and Family is talking about it with you.
  • Get out of the way while God sanctifies your child through danger and suffering.
  • Avoid the discouragement of reforming your husband according to your ideas of (feminine) holiness.
  • Multiply the spiritual goods coming from homebirth and breastfeeding.
  • Debunk worldly notions of love and romance for your growing girls.
  • Use the watchwords of common sense and courage to help your family.
  • Invite poverty to be a necessary part of your Family Rule.
  • Serve the Church, family, and parish as a single woman.
  • Understand the similarities between marriage and consecrated religious life which advance holiness.
  • Prepare for the end of active motherhood and the beginning of a gracious old age.

Motherhood and Family is the book for girls, young ladies, and women of all ages who look to enjoy the privilege of being a woman, or who are prayerfully desiring to discover it or to recover it.

Chapter titles include:

The Tragedy of Modern Woman, Children and Creative Activity, The Love Education of Girls, Mothers-in-Law, Mother or Cow, He Married an Angel, Children and the Imitation of Mary, On Having Babies at Home, Spirituality of Married Life, Teaching Children to Pray, The Latter Day, Poverty in Marriage

208 pages. softcover.

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