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15 CD set - Rebuilding Christendom Conference II

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15 Speeches and Roundtable Discussion on CDs

speeches include:

  • "What It Means to Me to Live in a Non-Catholic world" (Opening - Round Table)
  • Wagner's 'Das Rheingold' and the Gold Standard (Dr. E. Michael Jones)
  • The Ownership Imperative: Catholic and Classical Apologists for Productive Property Outside the Distributist School (John Sharpe)
  • Science is Catching Up with Christ and the Church Fathers - The Abrupt Appearance Theory of Origins (Hugh Miller)
  • The Thievery and Destructiveness of Money Manipulation (John McManus)
  • 911 Pulling Back the News Curtain part 1 (Jim Condit, Jr)
  • 911 Pulling Back the News Curtain part 2 (Jim Condit, Jr)
  • Evolution: The Error that Spread Throughout the World (Hugh Owen)
  • A UN-led World Government Must be Prevented (John McManus)
  • Pope Leo XIII's 'Rerum Novarum' in Context: Bishop von Kettler, Karl Marx, ... (Dr. E. Michael Jones)
  • A Clarion Call for Decentralized Interdependence: The Catholic Third Way in the Home and Community All the Way from Art and Music to Politics, Ownership, and Ideology (John Sharpe)
  • Speakers' Roundtable Q&A part 1 (All Speakers)
  • Speakers' Roundtable Q&A part 2 (All Speakers)
  • Money and Banking in a Catholic Social Order (Dr. Anthony Santelli)
  • The Church's Teaching on Usury (Dr. Anthony Santelli)

Format: 15 CD's


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