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Audio CD: Enemy of God & Man: Situation Ethics

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Audio CD: Enemy of God & Man: Situation Ethics and its Resurgence in the Church by John Vennari

by John Vennari
This is a crucial lecture to help navigate the trouble waters of the present Pontificate. Francis, in an inflight off-the-cuff interview on his way back from Mexico, seemed to open the door to justify contraception being used to prevent infection from the Zika virus. This not only launched turbulence worldwide, but indicates that Francis himself either does not understand that contraception is an intrinsic evil(which means there are no set up circumstances that can justify the act), or that he accepts a kind of Situation Ethics wherein the morality of an act is judged on various circumstances rather than on the nature of the act itself. Situation Ethics is contrary to the natural moral law and condemned by the Church. This important lecture explains in detail the deadly error of Situation Ethics, its roots in fraudulent modern philosophies such as utilitarianism and evolutionism, its resurgence in the 1960s under the mantle of 'love,' and how no aspect of Situation Ethics is acceptable to the Catholic. This presentation is not so much a critique of Francis, but rather, a detailed exposition on the error of situation ethics. Most important, the lecture gives the tools from traditional Moral Theology for properly judging the morality of the human act, all delivered in simple, easy-to-understand language. [especially applies to approach now in Francis' post-Synodal document Amoris Laetitia)

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