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Audio CD: All Hail the Chief? (Errors of Socialism)

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Dr. Raphael Waters, Professor of Thomistic Philosophy
In this magnificent lecture. Thomistic Professor takes us through a highway drive of Social Ethics. Particularly, he laws out in expert fashion what is the proper Function of Government (i.e., the function of government is to govern its citizens, not replace them); the Common Good, the errors of Socialism, why is Socialism an error, is man merely a person or an individual?, the kinds of ownership, Private Property as natural to man, the threat of loss of freedom, the immorality of so-called "stimulus" programs, much more. This single lecture dispels much confusion and gives us some basic principles of the Authority of Government based on proven and true principles of Aristotle and Aquinas. A veritable crash course in Thomistic social teaching. We also learn, in light of this teaching, that the present structure in the United States and many other countries leaves much to be desired.

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