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DVD Set: Catholic Restoration Conference VIII (2015)

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$150.00  $75.00
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14 DVD Set includes the following talks:

  • CRC VIII Opening Remarks and Round-table #1: "My Pick of the Saint for Our Times" (All Speakers)

  • Catholics, Public Life, and Christ the King in 2015 (Jim Condit, Jr.)

  • Englebert Dolfuss and the Catholic Answer to the Liberal State (Dr. Peter Chojnowski)

  • Will Christ ever Rule the World through Truly Catholic Governments? Catholic Prophesies Say "Yes" (Suzanne Pearson)

  • Christian Social Order and What Actually Exists (Gary Potter)

  • "My Pick for the Biggest Threat in the Social Order to Today's Catholics"

  • Say No to the New World Order (John McManus)

  • Women: Pawns in the Destruction of Civilization (Cornelia Ferreira)

  • The End of the World (Dr. Robert Sungenis)

  • Solving the Money Problem the Catholic Way, A Discussion of Social Credit (Doug Bersaw)

  • Culture Wars in India and Iran: Foucault as the Father of Political Correctness (Dr. E. Michael Jones)

  • Why American Catholics Must Oppose the State (Daniel McAdams)

  • Catholic Inaction: The Disease, the Symptom, the Remedy (John Sharpe)

  • Round Table 3 - Q & A (All Speakers)

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