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14 DVD set - Rebuilding Christendom Conference I

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13 Speeches and Roundtable Discussion on DVDs

speeches include:

John Sharpe

  • Catholic Social Doctrine: A Philosophical and Strategic Overview
  • Property Ownership in the Catholic and Classical Traditions: Tools for a Revolution of Return  

Gary Potter 

  • What does “The Social Reign of Christ the King” Mean? - Part 1
  • What does “The Social Reign of Christ the King” Mean? - Part 2

Doug Bersaw

  •  Monetary Systems, Debt, and Taxation: Their Relationship to Catholic Social Justice

Jim Condit, Jr.

  • The 2012 Presidential Election and a Society for Christ the King

Dr. Robert Sungenis

  • Corruption of a Discipline: The Chimera of “Science” and Its Stranglehold on the Modern Mind

James G. Bruen Jr., Esq.

  • Law in the Ruins: Good Americans and Bad Catholics at a Time Near the End of the Law

Dr. Peter Chojnowski 

  • Prospects for a Catholic Recovery: A Blueprint for a Distributist Community

Robert Hanten

  • What Grows After the Fire — Catholic Principles of Financial and Economic Reconstruction

John Vennari

  • Father Denis Fahey against the New Barbarians

Dr. David Allen White

  • “Let’s Pretend”: The Proper Role of the Arts in Catholic Culture

Daniel McAdams

  • The Totalitarianism of the Global Democratic Revolutions

Speakers’ Roundtable with Q & A: All speakers

Format: 14 DVD's


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