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History of Europe by W. Eugene Shiels, S.J.

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This text is broken down into two semesters. The work of the first semester begins with early European man and continues to the opening of the fifteenth century. That century was a point of profound historical disturbance preparing for the break down of medieval culture and the birth of modernity. The second semester opens at the origin of the modern age and brings the story down to the present day (1941). The the text makes no claim to finality, it will be seen to place insistence on the Roman Republic as the foundation and on the Church as the directive force in the making of Europe. This emphasis helps the student to see the meaning of the protest against medieval life that arises soon after 1300. By 1517 that protest is in full swing, and its climax appears to have been reached in the nineteenth century. The past hundred years, though marked by a tremendous growth in knowledge and in the expansion of Europe, have nevertheless proven extremely unstable. The significance of that instability challenges the student of today.

383 pages, hardcover.


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