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Audio CD set: Foundations of Metaphysics

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Foundations of Metaphysics
By Dennis Bonnette, Ph.D..
Co-founder of the Aquinas School of Philosophy
with Dr. Raphael Waters

11 Audio CDs & CD of course notes
A lecture series on fundamental principles and teachings of metaphysics according to St. Thomas Aquinas.


• The Natural Metaphysics of Human Intelligence
• Central Principle: Being only comes from Being
• Real Distinction Between Essence and Existence
• First Cause and Intermediate Causes
• Natural Theology: The Study of the Creator of All Being
• Our Knowledge of God’s Essence: The Threefold Way
• Divine Attributes
• Two Key Concepts of Divine Attributes: Simplicity and Eternity
• The Problem of Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom
• Good and the Problem of Evil
• Correlations of Philosophical Doctrines

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