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Audio CD set: The Science of Ethics

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by Dr. Dennis Bonnette

from the producer:

A logical, systematic exposition.

Cuts through the modern confusion that surrounds us!
Clear teaching on right and wrong, based on the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Cuts through the modern confusion that surrounds us!
Crystal clear teaching on right and wrong, squarely based on the Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

Answers vital questions you need to know, such as:
• What is Ethics?
• Is Ethics a science?
• Are human acts free?
• Rights, obligations: what are they?
• What rule governs how we ought to act?
• What is law?
• What is conscience?
• What does it mean to “follow your conscience”?
• What are the various kinds of law?
• What is natural law?
• What are the sources of morality?
• Are there objective norms of morality?
• What is virtue?
• What is a habit?
• What part does passion and emotion play in moral life?
• Are there modifiers of responsibility?
• How should man behave?
• What is the “Marriage Contract”?
• What about divorce?
• What is the family?
• What are the rights of parents over children?
• Is the family a unit in society?
• What is the morality of contraception and abortion?
• What is “Situation Ethics”?
• What about euthanasia and mercy killing?
• What about surrogate motherhood?
• What about ‘Brain Death’ and ‘Vital Organ Transplants”?
• Are we allowed to get drunk?
• Is Capital Punishment moral?
• What is society?
• How should governments properly operate?
• What is the body economic?
• What is the principle of subsidarity?
• What are the principles of self-defense?
• What are the principles of Just War
• What about Labor Strikes?
These and many more questions answered according to the certitude of Thomistic philosophy.

Profound, yet easy to understand.

Most moral problems today are not new, but have already been answered by the great Thomistic masters of the centuries. Don’t be a sitting duck for modern confusion; learn the true teaching of Ethics: What man is and how he ought to behave.

43 audio CDs plus data disk of Course Notes - In handsome vinyl cases


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