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More Joy

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by the Rt. Rev. Paul Wilhelm Von Keppler Bishop of Rottenburg. Adapted into English from the edition of 1911 by the Rev. Joseph McSorley, C.S.P.

The book is retypeset for clearer reading but is an exact copy of the original with no changes!

Description: Today so many people are chasing pleasure after pleasure without knowing how to obtain joy. Bishop Von Keppler writing in Germany before both world wars understood our need for joy and teaches how we can have the joy of the saints, a fruit of the Holy Ghost. He begins by examining “the joylessness of modern civilization” the same today as in the past which he states is not a result of “Christian, or Catholic, growth; it flourishes in the world’s own soil.” He explains how joy begins to enter the soul when we have learned to “face boldly the pain of this life and the threat of ever-approaching death.” More Joy begins by examining the necessity of joy for both our physical and spiritual health. As a result of joy, “many a lofty resolve and many a noble deed have been born” as Von Keppler documents in his stories of the saints who remain “cheerful, happy, and friendly” and full of joy even during adversities including martyrdom! It is time we re-learn how to look at the world around us as Christians. What destroys joy in our modern culture? What makes good art? Good literature? Good music? What is the difference between pleasure and joy? How can we have joy today? Should we be joyful? What do the Holy Scriptures say about joy? What do the saints say about joy? What about joy in education? In work? In nature? In the care of souls? learn to Have the Joy of the Saints!

Imprimatur, softcover, 144 pages.

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