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Catholic Practice at Church at Home by Rev. Alexander L. A. Lauder

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At Church and At Home. The Parishioner’s Little Rule-Book. A Guide for Catholics in the External Practice of Their Holy Religion.

This little book is designed to give Catholics some definite rules for the external practice of their holy religion. It is to be perused regularly, to be consulted especially when there is doubt about the obligation or manner of performing some duty imposed upon Catholics by the church. By keeping this little book on hand in some appointed place in the house, and by referring to it on special occasions, such as on feast and fast-days, on occasions of a sick-call, baptism, funeral, or other function of religion not so frequent in the family, the faithful will avoid many mistakes, many annoying “inconveniences and misunderstandings liable to occur at such times. We trust the Reverend Clergy will find in these pages the very rules and directions they endeavor so often to impress upon the minds of their parishioners. They may often find it convenient to refer parishioners to this book as containing the written regulations of the parish.

Impr, 1899. 268 page softcover book.

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