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Pamphlet: The Commandments of God

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Keep My commandments, and thou shalt live. (Proverbs 7:2)

Almighty God is the source of all laws; He is the supreme Lawgiver. He has made us to know, love, and serve Him in this world, so that we may attain eternal happiness with Him in heaven. In His infinite wisdom He has given us rules to follow in order to aid us to fulfil the purpose of our lives. These rules are the moral laws, written in the hearts of men, their consciences bearing witness to them of what is right and what is wrong. The Lord has also given us free will to choose whom we will serve, so that we may merit eternal life: Before man is life and death, good and evil, that which he shall choose shall be given him. (Ecclesiasticus 15:18)

15 pages, softcover.

out-of-print and very few left!

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